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1. Name: Trish the Dish
2. Age: 26
3. Location: chicago right now. Place in LA
4. Who is inspirational to you: My father. Love him to death. But my chick is Pam Anderson. I love big boobs and rock stars. Plus she is smart as hell, loves her kids and animals.
5. Express yourself in 5 words: witty, intelligent, artistic, self-determined, don't-give-a-fuck
6. What are you most afraid of: failure
7. Random likes: jon bon jovi, wax, dred locks, piercings, crazy make-up
8. Random dislikes: ignorance, lies, animal abuse
9. What song do you swear was written about you or your life:She's so cold by The Stones
10. 5 things you love about the way you look: by big boobs, my hair, my eyes, my lips, my blood red nails on my finger tips...
11. What makes you beautiful inside and out: i'd give my life for just about anything/anyone i believe in
12. Why did the chicken cross the road: because icecream doesn't have bones!
13. What's the best advice you've ever received: from my friend tommy about men. when a guy won't open up something is probably majorly wrong, just let him go and let him know you're there for him, don't push it. I followed this advice and it worked :) he came back to me when he was over his troubles!
14. Tell me a joke: this is way bad and I heard it before chistopher reeves died. Mind you I LOVED HIM and love superman.... so what's the opposite of chistopher reeves? ....christopher walken... :(
15. Do you have any body modifications (tattoos/piercings/ect)? If so, what? If not, do you want any: i have my ears pierced a ton of times... i have 2 tats, barbed wire with a few lil roses around my ankle and a superman symbol tat surrounded by a tribal design i designed on my lower back.
16. Have you ever been in love: i think so, but i like to be in denial about that.
17. Who makes you swoon: johnny depp
18. What are two things you cannot stand: ignorance and when my cable modem goes ultra slow!
19. Why do you love your best friend: because we have been through major shit together and we've stayed loyal as ever. she's a tough chick.
20. Who told you about this community: i found it though your so vain :)

Picture time!!!!

Thanks :)
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